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Flower Secret Online Store

Welcome to Flower Secret. Here you will find the finest assortment of preserved and dried floral arrangements in the world. Nature’s beauty captured forever as fresh as the day it was picked.

We invite you to look at the wide range of breath-taking flowers exclusively offered here...

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Preserved Flower

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Real Flowers in Resin

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Real Flowers In Glass

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Gold Plated Real Rose

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Wax Coated Real Rose

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Preserved Flower

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Real Flowers in Resin

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Real Flowers In Glass

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Gold Plated Real Rose

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Wax Coated Real Rose

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Product Features

Our natural products last for years without water and food.

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    No water

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    No food

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    Factory Direct

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  • Long Life

    Long Life


How we do it

How we make the natural flowers last for several years? This is the most asked question. Here you will find the answers for our major products. Please, click on the circles to find the answers.

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Our Flowers Features & Benefits

Other preserved flowers do not undergo the same detailed preservation process we developed internally starting in 2005. Our Flower Secret Process is the result of testing over 20 different methods before finalizing this truly outstanding process. Our Preserved Rose can last up to 5 years, our competitor’s cannot. Our advanced technology let us preserves the flower at the individual cell for the longest lasting results.

We use various preservation methods for the different type of product. We match the preservation method with how the product will be used rather than preserving all our flowers in the same way. We specialize in long lasting flowers and plants.

Our flowers will stand up to any climate, no matter how harsh. We also developed and work to improve the process in our labs. Also, our flowers are grown by authorized growers that are carefully selected. Each step is controlled to make sure it is up to our high standards.

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