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Thank-you for considering purchasing one of our outstanding flower products. We’ve worked for years to perfect our unique preservation process to ensure our flowers last for months, years and like the Golden Rose – forever.

We are the leader in preserved flower technology. We have been perfecting the process since 2005 where the petal, stem and leaf cells are individually treated. This makes our flowers the most natural and longest lasting.

Please find answers to some commonly asked questions about our flowers by customers just like you. We want you to have complete confidence when you make your purchase and your ultimate satisfaction is our goal.

What are the advantages/benefits of your flowers compared to others?

Other preserved flowers do not undergo the same detailed preservation process we developed internally starting in 2005. Our Flower Secret Process is the result of testing over 20 different methods before finalizing this truly outstanding process. Our Preserved Rose can last up to 5 years, our competitor’s cannot. Our advanced technology let us preserves the flower at the individual cell for the longest lasting results.

We use various preservation methods for the different type of product. We match the preservation method with how the product will be used rather than preserving all our flowers in the same way. We specialize in long lasting flowers and plants.

Our flowers will stand up to any climate, no matter how harsh. We also developed and work to improve the process in our labs. Also, our flowers are grown by authorized growers that are carefully selected. Each step is controlled to make sure it is up to our high standards.

Is there a guarantee on all your products if I’m not satisfied?

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us. You may return your purchase for a full refund.

How is the Preserved Rose made?

Our proprietary scientific method of preserving the roses first eliminates any of the existing micro-organisms and biochemical reactions that can cause it to spoil. Then we rebuild the rose at the cellular level to prevent the growth of new micro-organisms and slow down the natural biochemical reactions that take place in every flower. As a last step we instill additives to retain the vivid color, texture and shape. This detailed process keeps the rose looking as natural as the day it was picked for years.

How long will my flowers last?

Because we take extreme care with our flowers, they will last much longer than any competitor’s. We want you to enjoy your flowers as long as possible.

Preserved Roses can be expected to last between 1 to 5 years.

Flowers Sealed in Glass will last a minimum of 10 years and with proper care, forever.

24K Gold Plated Roses will last forever.

Flowers in Amber Resin will last forever.

Wax Coated Rose will last forever.

How do I care for my flowers?

Caring for your flowers is very easy. Because all our flowers are preserved they do not need water. Keep them out of direct sunlight and high humidity. The flowers and the vases need only light cleaning.

Is the Golden Rose a real rose? Is it really coated in 24K gold?

The rose is carefully selected from one of our approved growers. It is a real rose that is meticulously handcrafted. In fact, if you were to break a piece of the 24K gold stem you will see the actual rose stem. A thin coating of real 24K gold is applied as the final step to keep your golden rose lasting forever. It also has its own Certificate of Authenticity. We keep the price of our golden roses affordable because of our advanced plating process applying the 24K gold layer.

How are my flowers shipped? Where can they be shipped?

Your flowers can be shipped anywhere in the world via FedEx, a leader in the package delivery industry. We use FedEx because of its reliability, commitment to quality and the ability to track your package to ensure safe delivery.

How secure is the payment process?

Your purchase security is very important to us. We use the very latest encryption technology to protect your credit card information and partner with one of the most trusted names in payment processing in the world. You can be confident your private information is protected and secure.